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Family Engagement Survey 2019

Southeast Seattle Family Survey – Amharic ( አማርኛ )
Southeast Seattle Family Survey – Chinese ( 中文 )
Southeast Seattle Family Survey – English
Southeast Seattle Family Survey – Somali
Southeast Seattle Family Survey – Spanish ( Español )
Southeast Seattle Family Survey – Vietnamese ( Tiếng Việt )

We will continue to update this page with the survey links for translated languages as they come in to us. Thank you for your patience In the meantime, here’s some background info.

In 2015, SESEC and U.W. College of Education partnered to launch a family engagement survey. Parents/caregivers, educators, and other SESEC partners designed the survey questions and helped to launch and collect survey results. Here were the big findings from that survey. Now that a few years have passed, SESEC is launching the family engagement survey again through the same co-design process so that parents/caregivers, educators, and community members get to prioritize what data is gathered.

The project is broken in six phases over twelve meetings in 6-8 months: 

  1. Parent/Caregiver and Community Interest and Priorities—Identify common issues and priorities to determine what is important to parents and community members 
  2. Prioritize what questions will be asked and what data is collected 
  3. Engage—Collect data via parent/caregiver surveys 
  4. Make Sense of the Data—Share the data, collaborate, and ask what questions do we have 
  5. Strategize—Determine the key messages we need to learn and share from the dataset 
  6. Act—Change policies and practices to address what was heard in the surveys

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