Southeast Seattle Education Coalition

January 2017 Meeting

January 2017 SESEC Agenda

January Presentation Slides
Budget Infographic
Budget Talking Points

Upcoming Events

  • Education and Employment Workshop (Flier)

February 1st, 10:00 am – 12:00pm

Aki Kurose Middle School

3928 South Graham Street

  • Somali Cultural Responsiveness Training, for Partners

Friday, 1/27 from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

NewHolly Gathering Hall

7054 32nd Avenue South

Please RSVP to Shukri Olow at [email protected]

Staff Contacts

  • Creative Advantage

Audrey Querns, Creative Advantage Project Manager | [email protected]

  • Deep Dive Three – Race to the Top

Shukri Olow | [email protected]

  • Housing & Education

Kathlyn Paananen, Housing & Education Manager | [email protected]

  • Memorandums of Agreement, Professional Development, etc.

Rivka Burstein-Stern, Partnership Alignment Manger | [email protected]

  • Data Sharing Agreements and Partnership Database

Nicole Turner, Partner Data & Systems Manager | [email protected]

Budget Shortfall

Here is a link to the Seattle Public School’s budget page that participants will be able to find a variety of helpful documents. I have also attached PDF’s of several other helpful documents including:

  • Budget Shortfall Infographic
  • Link to Dr. Nyland’s, 1/12, Letter to Families Regarding Worst-Case Scenario Budget
  • SPS Budget Deficit Fact Sheet
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