Southeast Seattle Education Coalition


Serving one of Seattle’s most diverse communities, the Southeast Seattle Education Coalition (SESEC) works on behalf of five high schools, two middle schools and fifteen elementary/K-8 schools in an area of Seattle bordered by I-90 on the north, I-5 on the west, Lake Washington on the east and the Seattle city border on the south. The coalition is made up of schools and numerous community organizations that partner through SESEC to work collaboratively in providing a safety net for students on the verge of failure…and help them thrive.

SESEC supports the coalition by:

  • Working to advocate for policies and practices that improve education for children of color, especially those living in SE Seattle;
  • Convening partners to break down barriers and advance a common vision;
  • Building collaboration within the education community;
  • Sharing information about education in SE Seattle;
  • Encouraging communities of color to be actively engaged; and
  • Educating funders and the education community about engaging communities of color.

Many of our partners and organizations are rooted in communities of colors and are grassroots based. Together, we actively work to support our regional schools, students and families. SESEC is a grassroots, site-based education coalition in the city that provides support to organizations partnering to advocate for positive change in SE Seattle schools. We are also an education-based coalition led by people of color on staff and on our Steering Committee, which functions as SESEC’s board.

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