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Our Speakers, Our Stories, Our Strength

Thank you to everyone who attended Our Speakers, Our Stories, Our Strength on Feb 8, 2018 at New Holly Gathering Hall! For those of you who weren’t able to join us or if you want to relive part of the storytelling, you can find the stories below:

Lily AbbottHyperlink

María GuzmánHyperlink

Sieng DouangdalaHyperlink

Yourdanos GebremalakHyperlink

CiKeithia Pugh – Hyperlink

Speaker Biographies

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1 thought on “Our Speakers, Our Stories, Our Strength”

  1. I was the principal of Edison Elementary in Centralia, Washington, for 14 years. We were over 30 percent Hispanic, 70 percent poverty, and 15 percent ELL, yet we were regularly recognized on the state achievement index as either “exemplary” or “very good” based on our academic performance. I would like to attend and hear about equity issues in Seattle and share some perspective from my rural community.


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