Racial Affinity Groups

SESEC is a coalition rooted in communities of color and with the values of Commitment, Community, Courage, Integrity, and Equity. We must acknowledge what is happening in our community especially with our Black and African American partners, families, and community members. 

As a way to live our values, especially our commitment to being in community, we’d like to hold space for you to join us for affinity groups. Each group, Black, Non-Black POC, and white, will look different and the experiences will be different. 

We will have three separate Zoom lines going at the same time, Tuesday, June 9 at 10.30 a.m.-12 p.m. Non-Black POCs and white people will need to pre-register. Please only attend the affinity group you racially identify with — do not join a group because you want to hear from others of a different race group.

Black Affinity Group: http://bit.ly/SESECBlackAffinity
Non-Black People of Color Affinity Group: bit.ly/SESECNBPOCAffinity
White Affinity Group: bit.ly/SESECWhiteAffinity

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