SESEC Poised for a New Era of Educational Advocacy

Southeast Seattle Education Coalition (SESEC), under the leadership of incoming Executive Director Liz Huizar, has unveiled its rebranding initiative including an updated mission and vision, a new visual identity and website, and expansion into larger office space. These efforts signal SESEC’s positioning toward growth and increased capacity to strengthen educational opportunities for Southeast Seattle students.

The modernized brand reflects SESEC’s focus on integrity, inclusivity, equity, justice and collaboration with like-minded organizations in Southeast Seattle, which is considered one of the most diverse regions in the state.

“Our new identity and physical location will enable us to expand on strategies to achieve our mission of convening and resourcing communities of color to advocate for an equitable education system,” said Huizar. “SESEC has established an incredible foundation due to the efforts of its dedicated staff and board of directors, who have thoughtfully and intentionally positioned the organization to move forward. I am so honored to be part of SESEC’s upward trajectory, and we could not be more excited about all of the possibilities ahead of us.”

SESEC’s headquarters will relocate to the historic Beacon Hill School building, built in 1901 and currently inhabited by El Centro de la Raza. The two organizations will share both the space and the historical tradition that emphasizes education in the community.

“We are so grateful for the bonds we have formed in Columbia City, especially for our partnership with Kandelia which allowed us to share a space for so many years,” said Huizar, who previously served as director of youth services at El Centro de la Raza. “Our new shared home with El Centro de la Raza affords an amazing opportunity to expand on the legacy of community-centered education.”

SESEC is planning for a grand opening celebration in early September to correspond with the start of the academic year.